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They're all over this website! Just click the paper list button to your left and within a few seconds, an index of business management papers on human resource topics will appear on your screen!  Select as many papers as you like and use the corresponding "send me" link(s) to order and receive them TODAY! Same day delivery via email and/or fax is available for all papers on-file and Federal Express exists as third option for in-home delivery. Our on-line order form provides a complete and detailed list of options along with instructions for each! 

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  Yes, you can!  Just write us an email & let us know the .wps file name(s) of the paper(s) you're interested in! We'll send you a FREE, one page excerpt from the report(s) you select within just a few hours!  You can request as many excerpts as you like or even ask us any questions you have about any specific paper(s) you find on our list!

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  HRPapers.Com accepts several different forms of payment. The most common method is, of course, via credit card but we also accept checks, money orders, and even cash from local grocery stores around the world!  Just follow instructions on our order form for your preferred method of payment.  You should have no difficulty placing an order and receiving a paper to help you TODAY!!!!




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